High Quality Ripper
The High Quality Ripper is a proprietary piece of software created by the SiIvaGunner Team.
It's purpose is to assist ripping channels by creating a smooth workflow from submission to upload
It all starts with a submission

After the submission has been reviewed by quality control, the submission is copied to the clipboard by the person scheduling the videos.
The submission is parsed by the software

The software automatically detects the audio and image links, puts them to the apropriate fields and then validates whether the provided playlist in the submission (if there is any) exists on the user's channel.
After the upload button is hit, all the assets are downloaded and rendered using ffmpeg, then the submission is automatically scheduled to the youtube channel.
Due to the API limits imposed by google we are unable to provide free access to the software, if you would like to request access, please email us at [email protected]
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